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According to history the term to refer to the Flavian Amphitheatre Colosseum began to spread only in the Middle Ages. The fact is probably related to the presence of the "giant" of Nero, a statue of the emperor placed nearby. Or maybe you have the immensity of the structure in comparison to the two-storey houses that surrounded it in the Middle Ages. According to some medieval myths, the Coliseum would be one of the entrances to the underworld, where, at sunset, the souls of the dead go in search of eternal peace that maybe never will, because it perished in a violent and premature. It is certain that in the building died several thousand people, which aroused for sure a certain fear in the population. Some even claimed that the inside of the seven pagan worship the devil. Another legend says that many plants from distant countries, which have taken root in the Coliseum area was brought by the sandals of the prisoners or the paws of the animals sacrificed in the games and in the fighting.

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