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Urban VIII Chapel: the chapel named after Pope Urban VIII, Maffeo Barberini, who chose it as his private chapel. By Pietro da Cortona, it is painted and decorated with gilded stucco. The altar frontal comes from the Roman church of San Filippino in Via Giulia, now deconsecrated. Apartment St. Pius V: built in the late sixteenth century by Pope Pius V, the apartment, modest in size, consists of two small rooms and a chapel. The pontiff commissioned the frescoes of these environments to Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari. In the apartment you can also admire Flemish tapestries of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, medieval ceramics and mosaics made between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sobieski Room: This is a passing room located between the Gallery of Maps, and the apartments of Julius II. Named after the great nineteenth-century painting depicting the Polish King John III Sobieski at the head of his army under the walls of Vienna, the painting covers an entire wall of the room Chiaroscuri: on the second floor of the Apostolic Palace, the Chiaroscuri was painted by Raphael in 1517 on the orders of Pope Leo X with the figures of angels and saints in light and shade. Raphael's work was destroyed a few years later, but at the end of 1500, with some restorations, it managed to recover part of the work.

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