national roman museum palazzo altemps

The building owes its name to Cardinal Marco Altemps Sittico who bought it in 1568 for use as a residence during his stay in Rome. Today the rooms of the palace are hosted Greek and Roman sculptures of the XVI and XVII century and an important collection of works from Egypt. Much of the art works on display come from the private collections of noble Roman families who were later acquired by the Italian State. The most important are those that belonged to the Dragon, to Mattei, the Ludovisi Boncompagni and even members of the Altemps family. The Egyptian collection housed in the palace is a significant sign of the diffusion of Egyptian cults in Ancient Rome. The visit to Palazzo Altemps takes place on two planes articulated around the beautiful courtyard with a central monumental fountain. In addition, some rooms still have original frescoes and decorations of the time.

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