vatican museums padiglione delle carrozze

Housed in the Garden Square underground, the Carriage Pavilion is perhaps the most curious of the Vatican Museums: collects all the means of transport used by the Popes during the years. There are in fact carriages, sedan chairs and the famous papamobili that allow the pope to be seen and to be able to greet the crowd in short trips from one place to another. The foundation of the Carriage Pavilion was decided by Pope Paul VI in 1967, but the original layout was modified and the entire hall renovated so that today you can visit on a new look. In the first section of the museum you can see the carriages and sedan chairs used until the early nineteenth century, while in the second section the most modern passenger cars are displayed. In particular, among the cars that have marked the history of the popes there is also the Fiat 1107 Nuova Campagnola on which Pope John Paul II was hit by two shots in the attack on his person of 1981.

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