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Food and Beverages: is prohibited the introduction of foods and drinks in all the local museums, visitors are asked to deposit such items in the wardrobe and pick them by the close. Bags, backpacks and umbrellas: Larger bags and backpacks of 40x35x15 are to be deposited in the cloakroom along with easels, signs, large umbrellas and walking sticks. And 'required delivery also of knives and other sharp objects that could be a danger to visitors. And 'it allowed access to strollers. Access to firearms is strictly prohibited, it is not even allowed their deposit in the wardrobe. Works of art: it is strictly forbidden to touch the exhibits, they are constantly taken up by a system of internal cameras. Clothing: access to the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Gardens and St Peter's Basilica will only be allowed to decently dressed persons (banned sleeveless shirts, shorts, skirts, hats). Sistine Chapel: respect for the sacred place, in the Sistine Chapel are not carried out explanations. Your guide before entering the room. Photo: exhibits and environments can be photographed, but to use a tripod or professional equipment necessary to ask permission to the management of the Vatican Museums. It is prohibited to use extendable rod for selfies as well as the use of flash in any room of the museum. In the Sistine Chapel it is forbidden to photograph, film, videotape. The custodial staff is allowed to carry forward any photographic material produced inside the Sistine Chapel. Pens and pencils: with pen or pencil to portray the works on display you need the permission of the Management. Cell: cell phone use is allowed in all the rooms of the museum, except the Sistine Chapel. Their use is however inadvisable for a better use of the work.

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