vatican museums cappella niccolina

The Niccoline Chapel is located in the oldest area of ​​the Apostolic Palace, close to the Raphael Rooms, and it was the private chapel of Pope Nicholas V. apartments The frescoes that cover three of the four walls of the chapel are generally attributed to Fra Angelico, but experts have noticed in some paintings also the hand of other artists including Benozzo Gozzoli. The theme chosen for the decoration of the chapel covers the holy martyrs Stephen and Lawrence. Fra Angelico represented episodes in the life of the saints taken from "Acts of the Apostles." The upper part of the three walls is dedicated to Santo Stefano, while the lower St. Lawrence. Each story depicted at the top corresponds to the underlying and vice versa so that you have a direct comparison between the lives of the two subjects. The fourth wall is devoid of frescoes because it was occupied by an altar, unfortunately it is no longer the original. The Chapel of Nicholas V, while part of the Vatican Museums, is normally closed to the public. To visit it is necessary to require the special opening of the museum director.

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