vatican museums musei della biblioteca apostolica vaticana

The Vatican Library has one of the collections of manuscripts, rare books and the largest and most important in the world. In addition to this, the inside is also an important collection of historical, artistic and archaeological part of the Vatican Museums. The museum area of ​​the library is divided in 13 sections. • Profane Museum: there are preserved Etruscan and Roman antiquities. • Clementine Gallery: there are exhibited some artistic sketches of the seventeenth century. • Alexandrine Hall, Pauline Halls, and Salt Sistine Sistine Hall: in these rooms, all finely painted by master painters of the '500 and' 600, have collected some of the gifts received by the popes over the centuries. • Urban VIII Gallery: originally there were kept some important library collections of the Middle Ages, but today there are exposed globes, world maps and other measuring equipment related to cosmology and cosmography. • Sacred Museum: set up to accommodate objects and relics from the catacombs of Rome, there are also the bronze busts of distinguished librarians. • Sala dei Papiri: the papyri that were originally placed in this room have been replaced by some reproductions. • Room of the Aldobrandini Wedding: There are exhibited different wall paintings found Duranti various archaeological excavations, among these is precisely the fresco of the Aldobrandini Wedding all'Esquilino found. • Hall of Addresses: houses the collection of Roman glassware and early Christian Vatican along with other precious objects in enamel and ivory. • Chapel of St. Pius V: there are some very ancient relics, dating back to the sixth century. • Hall of Pius IX addresses: here find space many fabrics, liturgical vestments and archaeological finds from Pompeii and the original carved wooden doors of the Loggia of Raphael.

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